Like Mary, we, the Poor Sisters of Our Lady, revitalize ourselves to empower the vulnerable.


  •  To renew ourselves at all levels.
  •  To reach out through a variety of services to women, children and senior citizen.
  •  To evangelize families through visits and contacts.
  •  To network with groups within the church and outside

General's Message

Everything happens for a reason: purpose driven, at the right time and only with God's grace and guiding hand.

With this great conviction, I joined the Poor Sisters of Our Lady. Through my journey here, that belief has only strengthened.

 Firmly rooted in faith, we have slowly but steadily grown and spread our branches- reaching out in love and compassion.

After establishing ourselves in the social and educational sector, we continue to make our mark by engaging with the prison ministry, neglected migrants and children of sex workers and providing opportunities to street girls. Our purpose is to build a strong platform for them so that they aspire, conquer their dreams and move on to inspire the world. Our recent endeavour in Africa has been path breaking, especially in fostering vocations.

Apart from living our mission to revitalise ourselves so as to empower the vulnerable, our focus now embraces the family - the cornerstone of society. We are battling against time: family values are at risk and strengthening the system from its grassroots is our vision. Supporting families through visits would in turn empower and impact society, our nation and the world.

We are working towards fulfilling our mission through media - connecting, reaching out and filling in the gaps.

We are here to build new channels of outreach.

We are taking that leap of faith just like Mother Mary did.

Our Logo

Our logo serves two main functions: it visually communicates what our Institute stands for, and it creates a memorable and recognizable reference for future encounters with our benefactors. It provides recognition for the PSOL collectively; much like the Cross does for Christianity. A meaningful logo – one that is dynamic and capable of eliciting interest- will also serve to focus and fix our own sights on what we stand for.

The image of Mary reminds us that our Spirituality is Marian; the Cross reminds us that we must be perfect Disciples of Christ; our Name implies the material poverty we aspire to, and our Charism is reiterated as a reminder that we must first empty ourselves in order to be filled with the Spirit. The whole, enclosed by a circle, represents ‘community’ that binds and protects, as we support and include each other.



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