The Charism

of the Poor Sisters of Our Lady is GLADLY EMPTYING TO GOD in imitation of Christ, who came among us as One Who Serves. It is also expressed in Mary’s words – “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; let it be done unto me according to your Word.”

As our name implies, the members of our Religious Institute are expected to live a life of perfect detachment from material possessions, for total availability to God, so that through us God may be incarnate in our world today.

In the 75 years since inception, the Institute of the Poor Sisters of Our Lady has grown from the first batch of 7 to 184 professed Sisters, 8 novices, 3 postulants and 7 candidates

Our logo

serves two main functions: it visually communicates what our Institute stands for, and it creates a memorable and recognizable reference for future encounters with our benefactors. It provides recognition for the PSOL collectively; much like the Cross does for Christianity. A meaningful logo – one that is dynamic and capable of eliciting interest- will also serve to focus and fix our own sights on what we stand for.

The image of Mary reminds us that our Spirituality is Marian; the Cross reminds us that we must be perfect Disciples of Christ; our Name implies the material poverty we aspire to, and our Charism is reiterated as a reminder that we must first empty ourselves in order to be filled with the Spirit. The whole, enclosed by a circle, represents ‘community’ that binds and protects, as we support and include each other.