af-12At the Morning Star Convent, Ushirombo, the Sisters teach the Minor Seminarians and run the Diocesan St. Aloysius Gonzaga English Medium Primary School.

At the Mary Seat of Wisdom Convent, Kahama, the Sisters teach Basic Computer Programmes and provide facilities of scanning, Internet, photocopying, Fax, Printing.

In pastoral outreach, the Sisters encourage the SCCs, animate the children’s Mass, conduct paraliturgical services, pray the Rosary with families, attend to liturgical needs, distribute Holy Communion, and also pray Lauds with parishioners.

pastoral-work-1-u11851-frAt our Homes for the Aged at Uccassaim and Divar in Goa, we care for both women and men who now have no home or whose families are not equipped to care for them. We consider it a privilege to be able to offer them nourishment not just for the body but also for the mind, heart and soul. They become our children and we nurture them with love.

divya-prabhaEducation has been one of the outstanding actions of the Catholic Church, throughout its history, in the world. It is, in effect, an imitation of Jesus who is the model for all those who teach. Considering the size of the population, its diversity and local needs, more educational institutions that cater particularly to the lower income groups are a crying need. And it is not just basic literacy that is required but the skills which will equip learners to become self supporting and responsible citizens. We are privileged to be able to fill this need through our own schools, junior college and polytechnic, as also through our presence (either as Principals or as teaching staff) in the Parish Schools administered by the various Dioceses.

Our own Institutes:

• Divine Child High School, Andheri, Mumbai
• St. Clara’s High School, Goa
• St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Bhopal (CBSE)

Diocesan Schools:

• St. Anne’s Girls High School, Dabul, Mumbai (P)
• St. Anthony’s Higher Primary School, Sirsi
• St. Thomas High School, Goregaon (E), Mumbai
• St. Joseph’s High School, Kandivli, Mumbai (P)
• Holy Cross High School, Kurla, Mumbai
• St. Mary’s High School, Uran (P)
• Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Korlai, Raigad District (P)
• St. Xavier’s High School, CIDCO, Aurangabad
• Don Bosco High School, Sirsi, Karwar
• St. Aloysius High School, Yavatmal (CBSE)

Vocational Training Centres:

• Holy Family Convent, Andheri
• St. Mary’s Convent, Bhopal
• Msgr. George Fernandes Memorial Divine Child Polytechnic(2006)

health-careWhen the body breaks down, the mind and the spirit are troubled too. Often, even basic healthcare and amenities are beyond the reach of the marginalized. This realisation called us to cater to those in need of primary health care, at our own health centres, at the village level, in Bidkin and Paithan.

prayer-communityWe belong to the community in the largest sense of the word: to the people who belong to the parishes and localities in which we are placed. We offer our services in many ways which also include: Sunday School Catechism classes, preparing children for their First Holy Communion, training for Confirmation and Adult Baptisms. Our Sisters serve as Eucharistic Ministers and supervise care of the Sanctuary and Sacristy.

social-activityIndeed, what would happen to the little girls abandoned on our streets? They are prey to hunger, dirt, disease and assault and their numbers are appalling. We are privileged to have created a shelter for these girls, who are brought to us by various civic agencies; we ensure their care, development and the restoration of their dignity with their eventual integration into society.

The project is aptly named Divya Prabha – A Ray of Hope.


Divya Prabha – a Ray of Hope for girls abandoned on the streets – first saw the light of day on June 12, 1999 in a small room at Vartak Nagar, Pokhran, Thane, with six little girls. Pulling these children out of a vagrant life, without boundaries, and helping them adjust to a real home was indeed a challenging task. It was difficult to heal the wounds of a traumatized and deprived existence; we needed to establish trust, understanding, sharing and friendly interaction where earlier the ‘rule of survival’ prevailed.
Time and patience have resulted in a model of social outreach which continues to expand. Today, the girls are placed in three houses, Thane, Vasai and Agra. The younger girls reside at Thane and the teenagers live at Vasai in two homes, divided between the school-goers and the older girls. The ‘seed group’ now helps in the bonding of newcomers, and the ripples of grace are spreading ever wider, ever outwards. The senior-most girls are now gainfully employed and find fulfillment in the work that they do in far ranging areas from beauticians to lawyers and teachers.

At Divya Prabha, our girls are given a sound environment, educated and helped to develop to their fullest so that they can take their rightful place in the world.


Rehabilitation: Counselling, Recreation, Health & Hygiene, Confidence building.
Basic Needs:  Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education
Livelihood:  Vocational Training, Developing Talent
Environment Building:  Family Interaction, NGO Interaction, Celebration of all ethnic festivals, Advocacy / Repatriation

We look forward to all the help we can get and we will be glad to answer your queries or give you any additional information that you may require.