For 12 of us, 11th of March 2018 was a red letter day. It was the day when we would be making a commitment to serve as lay companions of the PSOL, many of us for the fourth time since it’s inception in 2014.

‌The recommitment was preceded by a preparatory service on the 10th of March.

‌Sr. Juliet, our spiritual animator, prepared a beautiful service which began with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and was followed by many beautiful hymns and a touching talk entitled “Turn your focus on Jesus – Repentance” by Fr. Michael Payyapilly. Our encounters with Jesus should make us realise our mistakes and become aware of our sins. But that’s not enough. We need to turn our attention to Jesus and repent. Repentance alone is not enough. For repentance to be complete and to deter recurrence of sin, we need to forgive.

‌We were  then divided us into 2 groups and  a set of questions was  given to us to discuss; which made us think of relationships in our personal lives that are stuck or in stress for want of acceptance and forgiveness. It was an eye opener – there is nothing more difficult than to forgive and forget and nothing more liberating either. The preparation service ended with adoration and the Our Father sung  in Hindi.

Commitment Day dawned bright and clear. Fr. Leroy S. J, celebrated the Mass at 11.00 a.m. and gave a very well prepared and apt introduction and sermon, appreciating and encouraging us to serve the PSOL in our capacity as lay members.

After the Mass  Sr. Juliet read the report of the activities conducted by the PSOLC during the  year 2017-2018.. This was followed by very moving testimonies by Janet and Nelly.

Mother Matilda then gave an inspiring talk which ended with guidance on two areas that we could take up this year as our areas of focus. One was to get involved in the Prison Ministry and the second, to go in 2s or 3s to the different Communities of the PSOL, to get more Companions for PSOL. Fr. Leroy then gave the final blessing followed by a vote of thanks by our Chairman Noel Fernandes which ended with an invitation to a fellowship lunch with all the Sisters and  the Novices along with  Fr. Leroy.

It was a wonderful 2 days. We loved it and know that we are completely recharged and ready to continue with our focus on Jesus and do His Will.”

By Mrs. Veronica Pinto ( PSOLC)